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Born in a small Leicestershire village in 1970, Nick was brought up in the village of Barrow-Upon-Soar. It was in the 1981 that he had decided to become a Christian after attending Barrow-Upon-Soar Baptist church with his school friend. This decision would have a profound affect on his life.  The following year his father, Stuart Amis, was killed in a road-traffic accident whilst cycling to work. Nick was just 12 years old.  Despite this tragic event his faith remained strong and he continued in the path he had chosen.

In 1986 his mum re-married and the family moved to Newport Pagnell in Buckinghamshire.  It was now, having moved away from so many close friends, he would find his faith tested for the first time. Nick knew that he had a calling on his life, a profound sense of purpose, to share the good news of the gospel but would he see it come to pass. Now was the time of growing up and putting into practise all he had learned. Little did he know how far he had yet to go.

The aim of this blog is to explore his personal calling and to hopefully bless others along the way.

Nick is a creative thinker and customer focused professional with over 20 years experience in delivering IT solutions. He is effective at formulating and communicating successful strategies and has a pragmatic, open and honest style of management. He graduated from Newcastle University with a BSc in Computer Science and is currently working as Interim Operations Manager for Stewardship, a giving charity.

Nick has a passion for establishing successful partnerships between Christian organisations, restoring honour to God’s name in the UK. And it is his desire to see people brought into greater freedom in Christ, bringing glory and honour to God through a life of love and obedience.

Nick is married to Tracey and is blessed with two children


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One reply on “About Nick”

I am really pleased that you put together this blog, Nick. Your words have made me think about the work I do and what I need to do for myself and my family. Your calling and your story have touched me greatly. Keep blogging and following what you believe in.